For over 20 years the authors of this site variously published, sold, supported, documented, developed and wrote about CAD software, large format scanners and raster to vector conversion software.

Selling and supporting raster to vector conversion software is a constant exercise in education. People are trained to be engineers, to be architects, to use CAD software. But they are not often taught about raster images or how to scan a drawing. This can lead to disastrous raster to vector conversion results.

We are often reminded of the excellent film Educating Rita. Rita is a hairdresser. A lady with an unfortunate hair style comes into the salon, thrusts a photograph of Princess Diana into Rita's hands, and says "I want to look like that".

Many peoples' expectations of raster to vector conversion are the same. They expect to automatically produce a CAD-perfect drawing from a poor quality - sometimes completely illegible - raster image.

This site aims to provide helpful information about scanning, raster images and raster to vector conversion so that those of you who need to do conversions will have the best possible chance of success.

In spring 2011 we sold our interests in the raster to vector converter we were involved with and left the industry to pursue other schemes and dreams. However we have retained this site in case someone, somewhere, finds it useful.