Lost in the mail! When your raster to vector supplier doesn't respond ...

When you email a company and don't get a response, the natural reaction is to feel negative about that company.

However, these negative thoughts may well be misplaced!

When we sold raster to vector conversion software there was many a time we emailed out a registration key after a sale - and then were accused of not supplying the goods. Or responded to a query, sometimes taking considerable time to do so - and then were accused of not bothering to reply.

And these are only the people who question what's happened. How many people must there be out there who harbor negative feelings towards our - or your - company because they believe no-one responded to a query? It's a sobering thought.

The problem is that email is not a reliable means of communication.

Let me say it again:

Email is not a reliable means of communication!!!

Emails can - and frequently do - get ...

  • Trapped by your spam filter.
  • Worse - trapped by your company's spam filter or your ISP's spam filter over which you have little or no control.
  • Accidentally deleted - very easy to do when trying to separate legitimate emails from the mountains of spam that your spam filter didn't trap.

So, next time you think a company hasn't responded to your email, please give them the benefit of the doubt and give them a call!

It's very likely that their response simply got lost in the mail.